The process of buying and acquiring a title deed for a Turkish property

We will provide you with a complete service, including legal consultation during a acquisition of a property abroad.

The purchasing of properties in Turkey is similar to our processes. Transfer of properties is done at a Cadastral office which is called a TAPU in Turkey. Our projects are officially approved sites, therefore, streamlined transfer of properties is guaranteed at TAPU.

It is not required to have a Turkish bank account to acquire and purchase property in Turkey.

The transfer of a property in TAPU to a new owner takes 5 days.

Real Estate Transfer Tax: 3% of the value of the property registered in the Cadastral office- the value of the property is designated by the office.

Other costs:

  • Power of attorney at a notary:
    • Costs of translation(notary and translation services) about 120-140 EUR.
  • Property tax:
    • About 50 EUR(once a year)

  • Yearly service fee:
    • About 400-500 depending on the project.
    • This fee is connected to the services provided at each property: cleaning, repairs, swimming pool maintenance, aquapark, landscaping, generators, waster management.
  • Property insurance:
    • About 17 EUR

  • Electric bill:
    • About 0/64-0,86 TL
    • In the event of a power outage, each project has its own generators.
  • Water:
    • 90% of the projects have the water bill included in the yearly fee.
    • 10% of the projects don’t have a private water supply so the prices are calculated by the market price which is about 4 TL za m3.
  • Internet:
    • About 10-15 EUR per month.
    • There are many internet providers which can help you set up an internet connection within 2 days and we can help you along this process.