Our Tour

This is a report about our time in Turkey last October. A similar itinerary awaits you and if you plan to come to Turkey with us, the next journey is planned from 26. 2. 2020 to 1. 3. 2020. Don‘t hesistate to contact us for more information!

Day One

Upon your arrival a beautiful walk and dinner await you in the Mersin Marina. This is a local shopping complex full of shops, coffee shops and restaurants by the port.

Mersin at night is a sight worth seeing, perhaps after your dinner take time to explore sights like you have never seen.

Allow yourself to be enchanted by the local mood and hospitality while enjoying the variety of restaurants.

Taste everything that Turkey has to offer. Fresh seafood is a “must have” that no one should miss.

Day Two

How did you sleep? Gain energy by having a delicious breakfast served with true Turkish coffee, the Turks add a lot of sugar into their coffee but never add milk under any circumstances.

How will you decide your free time at noon? Some of you may swim in the sea, others may choose a pleasant walk or run along the beach. Whatever you choose to do keep in mind that the afternoon schedule is pretty packed!

Before you set off to explore local sights, you will check out the apartments. Perhaps you will find your home! There are over 1,500 apartments to choose from.

We will be able to find an apartment suited to your preferences. A big bedroom, a single bed, light or dark colours? You choose.

Sightseeing! Kizkalesi – maiden’s castle, is a castle found on a small island in Mersin. The current look of the castle likely dates back to the 13th century.

Dress sharp and get ready to explore local life! Mersin never sleeps, therefore, morning birds and night owls both find things to do. You will be surprised by the friendly attitude of the locals along with the high standard of living.

You will be hosted to a wonderful dinner by one of the local restaurants which offers typical Turkish dishes that range from meat and vegetarian to the sweetest of desserts.

When it comes to food, both foodies and people who enjoy a more “safe diet” can find their optimal meal.

Day 3

How to better start your day than a delicious breakfast? Pick what you want because the energy will be useful for another busy day.

If you find yourself in Mersin, you definitely have to check out the ancient city of Kanlıdivane which is spread around Kanlıdivane Obrugu – a sinkhole about 70 meters deep.

Turkey is a country rich with history and wonders hundreds and even thousands of years old. A trip around some of these will even astonish people who are not fond of history.

If you travel to Mersin in November, there is a big chance that you will encounter the Mersin Citrus Festival. This festival occurs yearly and is definitely worth visiting. Ever seen a big car, fish or a chicken made from oranges?

Plenty of fun, games and music and most importantly kind people. Stereotypes aside, only the best things await you in Turkey!

There is no need for fear when it comes to Turkish street food. It’s no longer only about the kebab, you can try a variety of local goodies!

Pick whatever you fancy. For example, börek peynirli(puff pastry filled with Balkan cheese), köfte (beef meatballs) or cöp sis (small pieces of meat on a spit).

Whats the process regarding the real estate acquisition tax? Do I need a Turkish bank account? All questions regarding the acquisition of apartments in Mersin will be answered in the local real estate office.

The perfect day requires a perfect finish – how else than with food! Find a piece of Turkey again and taste something new, all the food is made from fresh ingredients.

From the sea right to the plate. Turkish seafood is so tasty that it is even appreciated by consumers with a smaller appetite for seafood.

No matter your gender, you will definitely find time to do some shopping. Mersin offers luxurious brands but even pridefully produces quality leather goods.

Day 4

Look back at the beauties of Mersin one more time and believe that you aren’t gone for long. The purchase of your dream apartment is a relatively short process. Afterwards, you can go on a vacation anytime you want!