Explore the beauty of Mersin

Mersin is a modern city with a rich history. The city center is bustling with life and is abundant in shops, restaurants, sweet shops and cafés. The whole coast is lined with attractive beaches and a clear azure sea in a developing area of the Mediterranean which is renowned for its hospitality and friendly atmosphere of the local population.

Gilindire Cave

A salt cave, also known as Aynaligol Cave, is a a cave in Ayndincik in Mersin, South Turkey. It was found by a pastor in 1999.

Mersin Marina

A port found in the Yenisehir district of Mersin, about 6km west of Mersin’s main port.

The ancient city of OLBA

It is found at the foot of the Taurus moutains, by the Kalycadnu tributary. According to Greek myth Olbe was bulit by Ajax, the son of Teucer. The temple of Zeus can be found in Olbe and the priest used to govern over all of Cillicia Aspera. In later history, it was considered to be a part of Isauria and was the seat of the bishop.

Kızkalesi (Maiden’s castle)

The Maiden’s castle can found on a small island in the Mersin province in Turkey. The castle was probably built by Alexios I. Komnenos after the first crusade. According to the Greek philosopher, historian and geographer Strabo, the island was used by pirates in the medieval ages. The current design of the castle can be traced back to the 13th century.

The Mersin Naval Museum

The naval museum is found in the village of Yenisehir in Mersin. The main hall has a size of 400 meters squared and contains memorabilia like uniforms, weapons, historical models of battleships and paintings of important battles and admiral portraits.


Muğdat Mosque

is a big mosque in Mersin. It is named after Migdad ibn Aswa, one of the first muslims.

Mersin Arkeoloji Muzesi

An archeological museum where visitors can step into a time tunnel in which the Paleolithic, Neolithic, Chalcolithic, Bronze and Iron are presented in chronological order.

New airport Cukurova Regional Airport

It will be finished by 31.12.2019.

This new airport project will serve the Mersin and Adana provinces.